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VERTUAL DESIGN UNIT provides professional services in Architectural Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Engineering Design, Urban Planning, Construction Management,Residential Planner, Residential Architect and Project Management. The practice was founded by Viral J. Patel in 2003. 

Over the last 10 years VDU has worked on the Architecture, Interior & Landscape design of many types of facilities, for example, Residential, Commercial, Housing, Education, Offices, Retail, Hospital, Clinic, Research center, Manufacturing industries, Institutional buildings. It has experience in preparing Feasibility Studies, Strategic Plans, Master plans, Urban Development Plans.  It also has considerable experience in project management and construction supervision & site Execution for small and large-scale projects.  VDU’s projects are located in Ahmadabad, Baroda, Kheda, Sanand and a few destinations in Gujarat.